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Suzy’s Caring Place

Suzy’s Caring Place provides domestic violence victims a home to stay for two years to build independent, violence-free lives after receiving emergency shelter and community-based services. Central to the mission is aiding victims to realize their human dignity, to exercise their legal rights, and to develop renewed ways of living that promote harmony and well-being within themselves and their families. Suzy’s Caring Place offers a community based transitional living program for victims and their children. Our purpose is to assist the victim to disengage from their abuser permanently, regain their identity, grow to be emotionally strong once again, and to successfully live on their own.

For more information about Suzy’s Caring Place please contact Rukiya Johnson,  Program Manager at (815) 729-0930 ext. 1451 or

Suzy’s Caring Place was made possible by:

And individual gifts given in the memory of Sue Turk

In honor of the late Mrs. Sue Manner Turk’s tremendous contribution to the GACS, the  transitional living program was named – Sue Manner Turk Transitional Living Program – Suzy’s Caring Place.  Mrs. Turk showed conviction and an ability to convey a powerful message regarding community involvement. Her efforts helped GACS continue to provide emergency shelter, counseling, legal and medical advocacy, life skills training, and prevention education to women and children who are victims of domestic/sexual violence.