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Guardian Angel Community Services

Groundwork Domestic Violence Program

Where Victims Become Survivors

Central to Groundwork’s mission is the conviction that victims have a right; to realize their human dignity; to regain control of their lives; to develop renewed ways of living that promote harmony and well-being within their families; to exercise their legal rights with and through the support of an informed community. Groundwork provides a 24 hour hotline, emergency shelter, individual and group counseling (adults & children), legal and medical advocacy, prevention education, and community presentations.

For more information please contact Amirrah Abou-Youssef, Program Manager at (815) 729-0930 ext. 1429 or


One of Groundwork’s many supporters is the Mary Kay Foundation:
The Mary Kay Foundation was created in 1996, and its mission is two-fold: to fund research of cancers affecting women and to help prevent domestic violence while raising awareness of the issue. Since the Foundation’s inception, it has awarded $31 million to shelters and programs addressing domestic violence prevention and more than $18 million to cancer researchers and related causes throughout the United States. To learn more about The Mary Kay Foundation, log on to or call 1-877-MKCARES (652-2737).

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24-Hour Hotline Number: (815) 729-1228.